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Reason for Senior Citizen Discount[Short Funny Jokes][Good Funny Jokes][Funny Jokes]

Reason for Senior Citizen discount

1. Food- many prohibited can’t take anymore

2. Transportation- having difficulty to ride

3. Groceries- Can’t lifts up the baggage

4. Concerts- poor hearing

5. Cinema (movies) – poor eyesight

6. Medicines- can no longer swallow

7. Hotels- can no longer do it, enjoy the amenity.

So enjoy life while still young, don’t wait for DISCOUNTS…


Village boy checking in hotel VB talking to room boy: I know am just village boy but don’t look down at me as small, he asked “why is my room so small, no bed, no door and no comfort room? I am paying here big amount because this is expensive and then it’s only like this. Room boy: Sir, this is just the elevator, don’t get excited, Hashanah


Husband and Wife, Wife: I am going to leave the house, I cannot stand it here, its noisy and you always quarreling me so I’ll look for a quite place.

Husband: Yes we always quarrel, it’s so noisy here in the house, no time for us and you no time for me that are why are always angry. I also want peace and quite atmosphere. Ok I’ll go with you let’s find some place very quite, just the two of us, hehehe


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