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Funny Jokes

If we do not have humor, laughter and fun in our lives, it looks just like sweets with no sugar.  Jokes provide us broad vision to see the events of our daily life in hilarious way. Some times very serious situations convert into humorous situations like; worse political condition of country, financial problems etc. We can use humor to convey  our view points on very sensitive issues. This laughter helps us to lessen the pain. People use humor to drop the light on hidden truths of the society in a constructive manner, which some times does not possible to object in a direct way.

Let the world smile even in hard times by sending funny jokes and messages in their inbox. When people listen to funny and naughty jokes, for a moment they forget all their fatigue and pain, which they are carrying with them all the time. You can use jokes within conversation and make it really funny and interesting, when you have spare time with your friends and family. Put some thing funny or humorous in conversation can make you apple of every one’s eye. Its great way to get the attention of audience, it makes them feel light and fresh even after hearing a long speech.

How To Write Funny Jokes

To create funny jokes is an interesting art. Not every one is able to make a joke. It is in born ability in some people to create jokes from even a serious things. There are no hard and fast rules to make jokes. It is a natural but a bit tricky way of expressing our thoughts. You can even create funny jokes out of routine life sentences.

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